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Firefox, TOR, Privoxy, and Vidalia in a portable EXE to obfuscate your browsing

I wrote about OperaTOR a while back as a portable option for simple TOR-enabled browsing on the go.

Maybe you'd prefer a single EXE that packages Firefox, TOR, Privoxy, and Vidalia? You're in luck - Paul O'Brien has combined those ingredients into a tasty privacy-enhancing stew.

He's created the package using Xenocode (and yes, it's a licensed copy) to help users avoid bothersome Internet roadblocks which prevent users in some countries from accessing websites that have been deemed inappropriate.

Unzip the archive, double-click the EXE to launch, and click the TOR button once Firefox has loaded. Your settings are saved into the sandbox subfolder on your launch drive so no data will be left behind on the host machine.

While the original version had some trouble with x64 Windows, Paul has already uploaded a new package that should work just fine for 64-bit users. It's available for download from his site and mirrored on RapidShare as well.

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