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Morro screenshots leak...Here are some more exciting Morro images

I like leaks and exclusive news as much as the next guy, but I'm having a hard time getting worked up about this particular one.

It's no secret that Microsoft's follow-up to One Care should be making an official appearance sometime soon, but an anonymous tipster has already provided NeoWin with three screenshots. Three really, really boring screenshots: pre-update, during update, and the green "I'm happy you just ran an update" screen.

More awesome: Brad's screenshot from Google maps of Morro, the beach in Brazil. Or this vintage photo of some men digging clams at Morro Beach in California. Heck, here's a whole bunch of Flickr results from Compfight.

Granted, an antivirus app doesn't need to be exciting to be awesome, but let's see if something with a bit more substance turns up. Like a torrent containing the pre-release - which we all know is coming, amirite?

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