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Windows 7 upgrade coupons coming, could be monkey's paw for XP netbooks

With the drop date quickly approaching, the big OEMs are gearing up for Windows 7.

Acer, Asus, Gigabyte, MSI, and Shuttle have all announced their plans to begin shipping upgrade coupons with systems that are preloaded with Windows Vista. Coupons will be valid from June 26th until January 31, 2010. The conversation with your local shopkeeper will go something like this:

"The Windows Vista laptop is cursed"

"That's bad."

"But it comes with a free upgrade coupon for Windows 7."

"That's good!"

"The coupon is also cursed."

"Can I go now?"

While it's certainly good news for consumers, it could be a punch in the face for netbook sales. We've been told that WIndows 7 runs great on netbooks - heck, my MSI Wind was running the version that published Downloadsquad's first hands-on with the new OS.

What's the big deal? No upgrade coupon for Windows XP to 7, of course. And not many netbook makers have been stupid ballsy enough to ship Vista on the diminutive machines.

Since we've also been told that Windows 7 netbooks are right around the corner, this could definitely cause sales to slow significantly.

[via PC World]

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