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SnapStream's TV Trends is like Google Trends for TV

SnapStream TV Trends
SnapStream Media has launched a new tool called TV Trends that lets you track how frequently a word or term is mentioned on major US television channels. SnapStream is the company behind the BeyondTV personal video recorder software and the ill-fated Couchville web-based program guide.

The company also offers an enterprise package called Snapstream Server which can record up to 10 channels at a time, and store up to 9,000 hours of programming. It also captures data like closed captioning. So it's not surprising that Snapstream is recording thousands of hours of TV at a time and is able to process the data to look for keywords.

TV Trends doesn't promise to capture every single mention of a term on television. But Snapstream is tracking all of the major broadcast networks in the US as well we cable news networks.

You can track a single term or multiple search terms. And you can filter results by genres, TV networks, or term periods. You can also embed the charts on any web page. Sure, TV Trends is probably just a promotional tool to get people to notice Snapstream's commercial PVR products. But it's also a pretty nifty way to get a handle on what people are talking about on TV.

[via SnapStream Blog

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