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EU get its wish: Microsoft to ship Internet Explorer-free Windows 7

Holy about faces, Batman!

Credit yet another Microsoft-related leak with some truly interesting Windows 7 news. The EU is going to get their wish, and Microsoft will make special OEM and retail versions of Windows 7 available that are totally Internet Explorer free.

Here's the meaty part of the memo:

"Microsoft will offer IE8 separately and free of charge and will make it easy and convenient for PC manufacturers to preinstall IE 8 on Windows 7 machines in Europe if they so choose. PC manufacturers may choose to install an alternative browser instead of IE 8, and has always been the case, they may install multiple browsers if they wish."

Which means we probably haven't heard the last of the shouting just yet. It'll just be about unfairly leaning on manufacturers who decide to include Internet Explorer - even though they might choose to do so of their own free will. After all, a big portion of the general computer-purchasing public still doesn't know what the heck a Firefox is.

[via CNet]

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