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Mozilla's new Addon Collector lets you bundle, subscribe to addon packs

You may already have noticed a slight facelift over at the Firefox Add-ons site. Well, that's not the only change going on. Downloading and discovering new add-ons for Firefox has taken another evolutionary step with the release of Mozilla's new Add-on Collector - which is available as an add-on for Firefox (how's that for circular?).

Install Collector and sign in to your Mozilla account. You'll find the login form on your add-ons menu under a new Subscriptions tab. Once you've signed in, creating a pack is as simple as selecting your favorite addons and pressing the publish button. The button also lets you fire off a recommendation via email, though it's totally DIY right now. There's no external address book support but the form will ask if you want to remember the addresses you enter.

Packs can also be created on the Collections website, shopping-cart style. Setting up a new collection only requires you to provide a title and description, selecting one add-on as a starting point, and choosing whether you collection is public or private. Once it's created you can also add a 32x32 icon and slap a vanity URL on it (

Private collections provide a good way to keep your personal (or team) Firefox installs running in step. Set up a subscription, and new additions are automatically checked for at the interval you specify.

Want to make your pack a collaborative effort? You can invite additional publishers (who can add and remove add-ons) and managers (who can additionally manage users and collection settings).

Options have also been added to Mozilla profiles to display your collections on your personal page.

The Downloadsquad 2009 Summer Collection will be hitting the runway soon, so stay tuned!

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