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Twitter finally verifies verified accounts rumor

In response to a lawsuit by famed baseball manager Tony LaRussa, Twitter has decided to speed up the process of launching those verified accounts we've been hearing buzz about for the past few months.

In a post on the Twitter blog, Biz Stone asserts that while there's no way Twitter's going to pay off LaRussa after their support team got rid of the impostor, they're going to keep this kind of thing from happening in the future by adding a special badge to the accounts of notable people whose identities they can verify.

Because of the resources required, this is going to roll out slowly, starting with "public officials, public agencies, famous artists, athletes, and other well known individuals at risk of impersonation." Businesses won't be included in the initial test.

There's no launch date specified yet, but Twitter has begun to answer the sticky question of how they plan to verify the accounts. Apparently, a link to a Twitter account from the celebrity's official website is going to do the trick.

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