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Between to-dos and calendars, there's Superminder

Somewhere between the vagueness of to-do lists and the complication of calendars, there's Superminder . It's a simple email and SMS reminder service that looks great and works will a minimum of fuss. Set a timezone, give it an email and a mobile number, and away you go. Reminders just get a name, a date, a time, and a delivery method, and you can forget the rest. It's like iCal without the "cal."

The strength of Superminder is in its simplicity. The most obsessive modern design gurus will love the look and intuitive feel of the UI. The only thing I can knock it for is that you have to pay for SMS reminders, but even that isn't the worst thing. SMS shortcodes are obscenely expensive, and designer geeks have to eat. Plans range from $4 for 15 SMS messages to $25 for 100, or you can always use Superminder via email for free.

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