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Windows 7 upgrade pricing leaks, and it's damn cheap

Our good friends at Engadget have gotten their hands on yet another tasty Windows 7 leak, though this time it's not just another marginally interesting build update. This time it's upgrade pricing information courtesy some careless generous Best Buy employee.

The presell cost to upgrade to Windows 7 Home Premium will be a paltry $49.99 and the Professional Upgrade will run $99.99. That's a pretty clear statement that Microsoft is going to be aggressive with Windows 7 pricing.

It's unlikely that Best Buy would be using an Upgrade OS as a loss leader, but we'll have to wait for more official news before we can call this one confirmed.

Long Zheng has crunched the numbers against Vista pricing, and estimates that the upgrade prices could translate to retail prices of $99.99 for Home Premium and $149.99 for Professional.

Let's hope the leak is accurate. Rock-bottom upgrade pricing would certainly be a nice olive branch to hand unhappy Vista users.

According to the memo, the presale mayhem begins on June 26th at

[via Engadget]

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