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SimilarSites is not just for Firefox anymore

A few months ago, Brad wrote about a Firefox plugin called SimilarWeb that shows a sidebar full of sites related to the one you're currently looking at. SimilarWeb is still around, but now anybody can use a non-plugin version called SimilarSites. Instead of installing anything, you just type in the URL of a site you're interested in and get recommendations. The add-on might look cooler, but the web version works in any browser.

The recommendations on SimilarSites are quite accurate. When I put in Download Squad, it recommended our esteemed sometimes-rivals over at Lifehacker, as well as one of our sister sites, Engadget. Digging deeper, you'll find slightly more obscure software blogs that look pretty interesting. This is the real strength of SimilarSites.

Everybody's heard of Lifehacker, but now I have some new-to-me sites to add to my RSS reader. Give it a whirl with your favorite site and see what you find.

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