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Support for Android apps coming to Moblin 2.0

Moblin has already received a lot of praise in the media for its innovative interface and intelligent features, and now there's one more reason to be excited by the Intel-backed project.

Intel's Anand Chandrasekher, VP of their ultra-mobile group, showed off a device running Moblin 2.0 which also sported a number of Android applications during a speech today at Computex. Apart from generating excitement in the users community the news gives cellular providers added incentive to carry Moblin-powered devices, since many already have Android Marketplace revenue sharing agreements in place with Google.

Don't forget, Canonical recently unveiled their plans to enable Android applications in Ubuntu as well - which would likely include the Netbook Remix. Even if netbook manufacturers favor UNR or Moblin over Android for an operating system, it looks like users won't have to worry about missing out on killer Android apps.

[ via PC World ]

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