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Boxee Alpha media center for Windows to go public on June 23

Boxee has been getting a lot of attention for its media center application that lets you manage and watch web video and movies stored on your desktop. But right now, the program is only publicly available for Mac and Ubuntu. There's been a Windows version in private alpha testing for a few months, but the key word there is private. No invite code, no access.

But that'll change soon. Boxee founder Avner Ronen says Boxee Alpha for Windows is going public on June 23rd.

No word on whether Boxee will include Hulu support that day or not. The company has been fighting an ongoing battle with Hulu over the issue of streaming Hulu video using Boxee's media browser. But Ronen has publicly stated that he's encouraged by the fact that Hulu has launched its own desktop media player.

One ostensible reason Hulu had been blocking Boxee was because Hulu's content partners didn't want to make it easy to watch internet streams of TV shows on an actual TV. But that's exactly what Hulu Desktop does. On the other hand, that could be the reason Hulu has been battling Boxee... because it has its own media player to promote.

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