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Possible build from Windows 7 RTM branch leaks

To quote Boney M, "Oh, those Russians!"

According to UX Evangelist the crew at Wzor and have leaked another Windows 7 build. It's been a while since we last reported on a leak, though they have appeared since the RC was made publicly available. This one may be a bit more significant because of the build number - 7201.

As with the jump to 7100 for the RC, the move to 7200 could well be the start of the Windows 7 RTM which is scheduled to hit retail shelves on October 22 and begin rolling to manufacturers sometime in July.

Both x86 and x64 builds have been leaked, though neither has made the jump to a major torrent tracker just yet. Don't be surprised to see them on Mininova in the next few days - Windows 7 torrents have popped up quickly following previous leaks.

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