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Who wants Linux with sex appeal? Not this guy.

Moblin beta 2 just dropped a week ago, and things are looking good for the lightweight Linux distribution. It's innovative, sexy, and has already received loads of praise from reviewers for its ease of use, integration of activity streams, and uniqueness.

Tech Republic's Gary Marshall, however, thinks Moblin has to be stopped - now. Why? Because he's afraid developers (and the inevitable Moblin remixes) are going to ruin a good thing. "...naturally, somebody's going to bugger it up. Of course they will. It's Linux!" Later he states "Again and again, we've seen early promise ruined because people don't know when to stop."

Perhaps someone can explain to me how Ubuntu has suffered because of projects like Mint and Linspire, because it sure seems like the project keeps moving ahead and getting better with each new release. A promising Linux distribution continues to show more promise - like the possibility of running Android apps.

To claim that shutting the project down will turn Moblin into a kind of Linux martyr is utter nonsense. Projects like Moblin and HP's MIE are creating the kind of buzz Linux needs if it's ever going to gain mainstream acceptance. Kill them off, and people are left thinking "That was a cool idea. Pity it never amounted to anything."

Get Moblin on devices. Let developers innovate. Because as concerned as Marshall is about "buggering it up," someone could just as easily create something amazing.

Unrelated, but he's wrong about the Stone Roses, too. If they'd have quit after the first album, I would never have gotten hooked on the wicked guitar riff from Love Spreads.

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