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Skyfire 1.0 web browser brings Hulu, full web experience to Windows Mobile

Skyfire is a web browser for Windows Mobile and Symbian S60 series phones that puts Microsoft's mobile version of Internet Explorer to shame. And I'm not talking about the kind of shame where you're a bit embarrassed to tell your friends about it. I mean the kind of shame that makes you move to a remote island and avoid human contact for the rest of your natural life.

The browser has been in beta for about a year and a half, but today the Skyfire team released Skyfire 1.0 to the public.

While the mobile browser that ships with most Windows Mobile phones can handle basic web pages, Skyfire can handle pages with rich media content including Flash 10, Quicktime, Silverlight, and Realplayer audio and video files. In other words, this is the first mobile browser that you can point at a web page like YouTube, Hulu or ESPN and simply watch web videos on the site. There's no need for a separate application just to play videos from those sites.

The browser also features the zoomable interface we've come to expect from modern web browsers. You can either view a whole web site as it would appear on a desktop browser (albeit, with tiny, unreadable text), or zoom in on the area you want to view.

Skyfire includes tools for keeping up with your friends on social networks including Facebook and Twitter. There's also an option to share any web page with your friends either via SMS or by posting a link to sites like Facebook.

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