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It's no wonder Apple has app store approval jitters

There have been plenty of "Apple stupidly rejects app X" posts over the last couple of months. The reason for rejection may vary, though usually it's blamed on inappropriate content - which makes no sense if you take a listen to some of the albums for sale through iTunes.

What makes even less sense is Cartier (yes, the fancy-pants watch, jewelry, and knick-knack people) threatening to sue Apple for trademark infringement.

Apple didn't develop the apps in question, but since they allowed the apps into the store and possibly profited from them that gives Cartier all the legal ammunition they need to release the hounds. It doesn't matter that Apple's 30% take may have netted them ten or twenty bucks in this case.

What does matter is that Apple has deep pockets. Who can afford to pay damages - Apple, or the guy who skinned his watch app with a Cartier Tank? Apple, of course.

It's a good thing Cartier was successful with their threat. Maybe now they can go after Adobe for allowing users to Photoshop images of Tank watches.

[via the Register]

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