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AOL Tech launches tasks, global folders and custom branding

Over the past few months, storage and collaboration service has really ramped up its focus on adding tools and services that can help small and large businesses be more productive. With full-text search, enhanced collaboration tools, and a web-based document creation, the service is a really slick way for a business or group of collaborators to work together, regardless of physical location. Today, is adding a few more features, including tasks, the ability to create global folders and enhanced custom branding.

The new tasks feature lets you create a task for a new or existing file and then assign that task to a member of your group or to yourself. So if you have a document that needs a bunch of iterations done before it is submitted for final approval, you can create tasks for what needs to be accomplished and then assign them to various members of your team. You'll get an e-mail notification when you are assigned a task, and tasks also appear in the info bar on the right side of your page.

Global folders is a really, really cool new feature that lets you turn any folder into a web page with a static address that anyone can access and view. I created this page for my test in about two seconds. Every additional file I upload to that folder is added to the page, which is then viewable by anyone. If you have a lot of non-sensitive information that you want to share with a group, this is a really cool way to do it, because the people who access the information don't even need to be logged into to access or download the files.

For Business edition users, there are now custom branding tools, so that you can change the UI to include your company logo, colors and other information. This makes it really easy to use as a white-label type of solution, with the added benefit of being able to interact with other users from across the globe.

The tasks and global folders features are available to all users, including the free Lite plan. If you want custom branding, you need to be a Business edition subscriber.

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