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Virtually vandalize San Francisco in Wild Style City - Time Waster

Yesterday you saw Ships on Download Squad. Today, we've got another reality-based Time Waster for you - and yes, it's just about as boring.

But once again, it's the concept behind Wild Style City and the potential of the technology that's so exciting. As you wander around the streets of San Francisco, you'll spot areas that can be tagged (the little blank white boxes). When you find a spot you like, bust out your paints and markers and get to work.

Make sure it's good, though, or some other hooligan can come by and paint a new layer. You can vote tags up or down and give the ultimate thumbs up by marking someone's work as bomb (by clicking the little bomb icon). Moving around is by clicking the directional arrows is a little time consuming. To quickly jump to a new spot, bring up the map and click another location.

As you can see, the rowdy DLS Crew has been hard at work already, tagging the russet-colored stucco over Dinora's Joyeria - who you can call, if you like. That's their actual phone number on the sign.

Let's see some tags - post your handiwork on Flickr and tag it with wildstylecity!

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