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Three cross-platform tools to keep your web browser in sync

If you're running a multi-boot configuration or using multiple computers, it can be kind of a bother keeping all your preferences in sync - especially if you're using different operating systems. For me, the biggest source of frustration is my browser settings.

Fortunately, there are some simple (and free) tools available to minimize the hassle.

Opera Link
Opera doesn't get a lot of love on most software blogs, but it has some excellent features. Opera Link, for example, securely stores your bookmarks and other settings. Since Link support is built in to the browser, it's available anywhere you can run Opera - Windows, Linux, Mac, and even in Opera Mini.

Mozilla Weave
Weave is still somewhat experimental, but one day it may be baked right in to Firefox. Since it's an add-on, Weave will work on any operating system. You can use it now as long as you're running at least version 3.5 of the browser and keep your profile marching in step - even on the Fennec Alpha.

Another great way to tackle this chore is with a cross-platform file sync application like SpiderOak - which runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux. The 2GB of storage you get with a free account is more than enough to keep Chromium, Firefox, and Opera in sync. It's a bit of work to set up, but once you're done SpiderOak will keep things up-to-date in the background on all your systems and OSes.

Got another simple way to keep browser profiles synced across multiple platforms? Share it in the comments!

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