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Full power to the deflector shields! Sophos releases Klingon Antivirus

One thing that I always like to see in a corporate entity is the ability to have a little fun from time to time. If I was going to give an award for "Best Comedic Performance by a Software Vendor," it would go to antivirus developer Sophos, hands down.

Why? For their brand-new Klingon antivirus application.

The program is no joke - it's real Sophos AV, but it may not be a real benefit for you if you can't read Klingon. Of course, you can always improve your linguistic skills over at the Klingon Language Institute. Just make sure you pay attention to the compatibility notes:
"Runs on Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista.
This software has compatibility issues with the version of msxml4.dll used by cloaking devices on Romulan-modded D7-class battle cruisers. Installing this software on such vessels is punishable by ordeal of Ginst'a'Ed."
Sophos scores additional bonus points for the product's web page, which boasts such excellent touches as untouched "Lorem" text, the rarely-used <blurb> tag, and, of course, copious references to Star Trek.

Pics or it didn't happen, you say? Check out a few more screens after the break. Sorry for the lack of explanations, but my skills are limited to three human languages - English, Spanish, and bad English.

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