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iGoogler turns iGoogle into a desktop app - in the simplest way possible

If you use your iGoogle web page as a personalized homepage with information like the local weather, access to your Google Calendar, news feeds, and other items, but don't like having to fire up a full web browser every time you want to get that information iGoogler can help.

Basically iGoogler is a single-use web browser built on Adobe AIR. When you load the application, your iGoogle web page will pop up. You can interact with your widgets, add or remove widgets, or do anything that you could do if you were visiting the page in Firefox, Google Chrome, or another browser.

iGoogler loads a bit faster than most browsers. But the other advantage is that you can leave it open in the background while opening and closing any other web browsers or apps. It's sort of like an alternative to installing Google Desktop if you just want access to your Google Gadgets and don't care about the desktop search and other features.

[via Digital Inspiration]

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