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AOL Tech creates tasks and reminders from natural language is a simple web-based task and reminder app. Its aim: allowing you to type your entries in natural language, just like you were speaking them to another person.

Email reminders for tasks you create are totally free, while SMS and voice alerts will cost 1 credit. Credits are reasonably priced: two dollars gets you 20, while 100 is only $8. That's not bad for a hotel-style courtesy call.

Now, about the semantic input - does it work? A bit. Simple entries such as "pay water bill in 20 days" and "mow lawn tomorrow" work like a charm. However, I didn't have any luck with phrases like "Friday after next."

"Turn compost every other Friday," wasn't understood either and the ability to process items like that would make creating repetitive tasks a breeze.

So how does stack up to Remember the Milk? After my initial testing, I set up three identical tasks. While RTM requires a separate step to enter the date, it's just as good at interpreting natural language - if not slightly better. could develop into a stand-out app, but they'll need to improve upon their main selling feature first.

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