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Docstoc leave beta, launches API and revenue sharing

Document sharing service DocStoc is coming out of beta today and the company is launching three new features:
  1. Revenue sharing with members
  2. An API for develoeprs to build applications based on Docstoc
  3. A new "blog-like" homepage
Revenue sharing is accomplished through Google Adsense. Existing Adsense users can associate their accounts with Docstoc to begin sharing the revenue brought in by ads placed next to their documents on the site. If you don't already have an AdSense account you can sign up through Docstoc's DocCash program. Docstoc takes a 50% cut of any revenue generated.

The new DocStoc homepage is designed to make it easier to find documents related to the day's news. Docstoc has hired a full time conetent editor to make sure the documents on the front page are up to date. There will also be links to outside news sources. While this is a nice touch, I'm not sure that people will start coming to a document sharing service for the day's news.

On the other hand, some of the early examples of applications built on the DocStoc API do make a compelling case for how existing news sites and other web pages can interact with DocStoc to offer access to related documents.

For example, the MashLogic Firefox extension lets you find related information on any web site by hovering over links to specific terms on any web site. The new MashLogic DocStoc Edition adds links to related documents stored on DocStoc to the mix. For instance, say you're reading an article about home loans. You could hover over the word "loan" in the article to see a list of available loan agreements uploaded by Docstoc users.

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