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Beta testing begins for UbuntuOne, but I'll stick with DropBox

Microsoft has Live Sync, Apple has MobileMe, and Canonical is now beta testing their own user data synchronization service called UbuntuOne.

The service works as you'd expect - set up your sync, access files anywhere, share your online items with anyone you choose. Currently lists two service levels - 2GB of storage is available free of charge, while an upgrade to 10GB will set you back $10 per month.

The service will likely provide a decent revenue stream for Canonical. As for me, I'll be sticking with DropBox on my Linux Mint laptop.

Not only does the DropBox pro account offer five times as much storage (50GB), there's also a $20 discount for paying annually - dropping the monthly fee to just over $8. On top of that, I can use DropBox to sync with my Windows desktop as well.

Perhaps the developers will amp things up a bit before UbuntuOne is finally released.

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