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Microsoft taking registrations for Office 2010 tech preview

Getting your hands on the upcoming Office 2010 Preview release might not be as simple as downloading the Windows 7 RC, but if you're looking for a way to get it right from the source, the registrar's office is now open.

Microsoft has set up a new blog for Office 2010 and is taking signups from users who would like to try out the technical preview when it's released on July 1st. The preview is invite only - just because you register doesn't mean Microsoft will be providing you with a link.

Three important things to know about Office 2010 right now are pointed out on the blog:

  • the suite will be released in both 32 and 64 bit versions
  • hardware that can run already Office 2007 will handle 2010 as well
  • systems will need to be running at least XP Service Pack 3 (Vista and 7 are good to go)

While it's no Star Trek, Microsoft has also posted a trailer for Office 2010: The Movie for you to enjoy during what they call "the countdown to awesome."

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