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Tumblarity: Tumblr introduces new stats page, to mixed reviews

Tumblr's new stats page, Tumblarity, draws from a couple of major web trends. First, there's been a big demand for stats for everything, with people getting excited about new ways to visualize the numbers in your life. Nicholas "Feltron" Felton's Daytum is the most elegant example of this. Secondly, social networks are getting more competitive. From Twitter follower counts and Favrd to becoming the mayor of your city on FourSquare, networks are trending toward more public competition (or "popularity contests," depending on who you ask).

People have responded with overwhelming positivity to the stats aspect of Tumblarity, which shows your follower count, how many posts you've made, your numbers of likes and reblogs, and the kinds of posts you make. The competition aspect, which uses a Tumblarity score derived from some private algorithm involving a combination of these numbers, rubbed some people the wrong way. To be fair, Tumblr never said Tumblarity was a competition, but they did introduce global and local leader boards.

What do you think, Download Squad readers? Does competition on the social web make things more fun, or does it encourage some kinds of "popular" content and drown out others?

What do you think of competitive elements on social networks?
Yay! Competition is fun!165 (22.0%)
Boo! It will only hurt feelings and stifle creativity.184 (24.5%)
Meh. I'll post what I want, regardless of some silly scoring system.401 (53.5%)

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