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Nokia's App Store will launch with 20,000 items

Nokia Ovi StoreRIM's doing it, Microsoft is doing it. Apparently launching mobile app stores is the thing to do, because now Nokia's doing it too. The cellphone maker is preparing to launch a mobile app store called the Ovi Store later this month. But there's one thing that will set Nokia's app store apart - it will launch with a catalog of 20,000 ote,s. Apple's iPhone App Store had just a few hundred programs when it launched, and Google's Android store had even fewer.

But not everything in the Nokia Ovi Store will be an application. The company is also loading it up with media files including short videos.

The Ovi Store will let Nokia cellphone users purchase and download programs directly from their mobile devices. An app store utility will come preloaded on newer phones, while customers with older, but still recent phones will be able to download apps using a mobile web browser.

[via MobileTopSoft]

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