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DLS Exclusive: sneak peek at LastPass for the iPhone

I've been using the LastPass bookmarklet for a while now to securely access my password vault from my iPod Touch. It gets the job done, and it's certainly much easier than re-entering all my passwords into Safari.

Yesterday, I received an email from LastPass' Joe Siegrist with some exciting news: they've been quietly working on an iPhone app, and were ready to let me take it for a test drive. So far, it's looking good.

In addition to providing secure access to your LastPass vault, the app also includes a useful notepad function. It's a good place to store sensitive informations on your iPod, and the notes are also accessible via the web interface. They get stored in your vault in a group called (logically enough) secure notes.

Once you've signed in to the app with your master password you can browse or search for a site and log in. Press the go button, and the login page is displayed with your details pre-filled.

The toolbar currently includes forward and back buttons, return (to go back to the iLastPass main screen), and a LastPass button to take care of form filling duties. The form fill is a real time saver on the iPod and makes site registrations and checkouts a breeze.

Want to see more? Check the gallery after the break! Keep in mind that LastPass is still in development, so there will likely be changes/improvements before it hits the App Store.

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