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Statuzer: Twitter client and music player

At first glance, Statuzer looks like just another Twitter client built on Adobe AIR. But it has a few awesome features that set it apart from competitors like Twhirl and Tweetdeck. First, Statuzer comes with a built in music player that lets you stream MP3s shared through and But you can also use Statuzer as a search engine for Jamendo to find and play free and legal music. In fact, even if you didn't want to use the application as a Twitter client, Statuzer would be worth checking out as a Jamendo desktop client.

The program also has a few other bells and whistles, including the ability to display images from Twitpic directly in your stream. It also supports the following features:
  • YouTube thumbnaiils
  • Hashtags
  • Contact groups
  • Multiple accounts
  • Search filters
  • URL shortening
  • Customizable color scheme
Statuzer is still in beta, but it seems pretty stable. It's definitely worth checking out if you're looking for a new Twitter desktop client for Windows, Mac, or Linux.

[via Go2Web20]

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