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Lee's three must-have Firefox addons

My browsing habits have changed quite a bit since I first switched to Firefox. I used to think I needed custommize it with a large compliment of addons. Now, not so much.

Plenty of the chores I used to leave up to addons can be done with Firefox itself. Search bookmarks, userchrome hacks, and about:config offer plenty of tweaks without adding any bloat to the browser.

However, there are still a handful of key addons that I just can't do without. Here are my top three - sound off with yours in the comments!

1. Weave - If you're running a compatible Firefox version, Weave is an amazing tool. Being able to keep my bookmarks, history, and tabs in sync between work and home really boosts my browsing efficiency. I don't use Weaeve for password syncing - that job goes to addon #2.

2. LastPass - I need secure, synchronized access to my passwords on two machines running Firefox and my iPod Touch. LastPass does that for me, thanks to their great Firefox addon and bookmarklet - which gives you access to your vault from just about any javascript capable browser. LastPass added a form filler a while back, and that, too, works via a bookmarklet.

3. Greasemonkey - There are just too many userscripts I enjoy using to leave out Greasemonkey. From customizing my GMail and YouTube layouts to auto-paging lengthy articles, I can't imagine Firefox without the little monkey on my status bar.

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