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Windosill, an elaborate toy puzzle - Time Waster

Windosill is a Flash-based puzzle game full of whimsical objects to push, pull, take apart, and otherwise manipulate. Your objective is to maneuver a toy train through rooms full of various toys by playing with the objects you see until you find the block that acts as a key into the next room. Sometimes it's hiding in plain sight, sometimes you have to go through a Mouse-Trap-esque series of moves to discover it.

The art in Windosill is simple and elegant. Half of the fun is in seeing what you can get all the different beautifully-drawn toys to do. Sometimes you'll find the block and not want to move on to the next level because you're trying to see how far you can stretch a spring, or how far you can throw your train. If you get stuck, try dragging things that seem like they should be clicked, clicking things that look like they should be dragged, or repeatedly clicking something that doesn't seem like it does anything at all. Experimentation is key, and that's what makes Windosill fun.

The first five levels of Windosill are available in the free version, but you can get the full game for the very reasonable price of $3.

[via Tiff Chow on Twitter.]

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