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TeamViewer improves speed, messaging, presentations in v4.1

TeamViewer is my app of choice when it comes to remote support, and their developers continue improving on an already impressive product. Version 4.1 has added some very handy new features, and it's ready for download.

Since I last wrote about TeamViewer, the connection speed has been improved a number of new additions have been made. My favorite by far is the ability to create an account and save a list of client addresses for quick access without needing to ask for IDs. The list can be accessed from any TeamViewer 4+ instance and it's also available in the Flash-based web application (also a newer addition).

New in 4.1 is the quick-sharing button (pictured) which can be enabled on application title bars. Click the button and select one of your TeamViewer contacts, and they'll be instantly connected in presentation or remote control mode and locked to that application window.

The messaging system has also been improved and now supports conferencing with more than two users (a great way to provide instructions to several people at once). Direct messages can also be sent to other TeamViewer users with a partner account - even when they're offline.

Founder Dr. Tilo Rossmanith states that TeamViewer's attention to collaboration features in the new release adresses "the business trend away from command and control and towards collaboration and team work."

TeamViewer also now pops up notifications when a contact becomes accessible. It's extremely useful for keeping tabs on remote systems that you're waiting to complete a reboot.

There's also a new dual-password feature. Lost the permanent password to a partner? No problem. TeamViewer automatically generates a session password for installed hosts just like it does for quick support connections.

As always, all features are available free for personal use. For more information about the new version, read the official press release.

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