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Facebook desktop client brings you more clutter in less space

I'll say right off that I'm not a big Facebook user to start with, but there's nothing compelling in the newly-released Facebook Desktop client that is going to make me change my mind. If anything, it makes me more sure that I don't need to be spending time on the mammoth social networking site.

The app is built on Adobe Air, making it instantly available to nearly everyone as long as they've got the client installed.

Once I load the application, what I end up looking at is the middle column from Facebook's web site, and it's horrible. Quiz after quiz that I can't block with a Greasemonkey script and images that don't fit properly in the non-adjustable window.

No problem, I'll just resize the window. Wait, what? The arrows appear when I mouse over the side, but I can't expand it. I also can't change the typeface from Times Roman, which I wasn't aware was still a popular choice for apps like this. Heck, there aren't any personalization options of any kind.

It's also a ram hog, sucking down 165Mb after just a few minutes. That's twice as much as TweetDeck and 30Mb more than the Firefox instance I'm using to compose this post. Ouch.

If I was a frequent Facebook user, I can think of plenty of other ways I'd rather access my stream - like with Seesmic desktop, which is also mentioned in the official blog post. Maybe I'm being a bit harsh. After all, this is the first release so at least that means there's plenty of room for improvement, right?

Take it for a spin yourself and share your experience in the comments!

[ via Facebook Blog]

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