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Windows 7 RC (7100) out early on torrent trackers

While the partner page Microsoft put up a few days back announcing the availability of the Windows 7 RC turned out to be another minor slip-up, the results in Mininova's index are a bit more real.

You guessed it - the Windows 7 RC build (7100) has been leaked. Unlike previous builds where the leak started with a single poorly-seeded torrent, this time there are no fewer than four torrents - two each for x86 and x64 versions. The two strongest already have more than two hundred seeders.

Over at Windows 7 News, they've posted a gallery of new screenshots from the RC. Visually not much has changed, so don't expect to see anything Earth-shattering.

Once again, the enthusiastic Windows 7 testing community has decided to ignore Microsoft's warnings about downloading unofficial ISOs from non-Microsoft sources. If you'd prefer to play it safe you don't have much longer to wait - the real deal is supposed to be here on May 5th.

Update: Loking for some reassurance before downloading? A number of people - including our pal Long Zheng - are saying this is the real deal.

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