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Facebook Terms of Service voting ends, crowdsourced terms win

As you may have noticed if you've logged into Facebook over the past month or so, the social network site held a vote to democratically decide on its new terms of service, after a widely-reported backlash against changes to the way the site deals with ownership of users' content. Today, the results are in, and despite a low turnout, it looks like Facebook is going with the winning set of terms, the new Facebook Principles and Statement of Rights and Responsibilities.

Of the roughly 600,000 users who voted, three quarters supported the new document over Facebook's existing TOS. Part of the reason the new document was so popular is that it included input from the Facebook user community, collected via Facebook itself. That input said that users mainly care about three things: limits to Facebook's use of their content, the option to opt-in to any changes in terms, and clear rules without legal jargon. The Principles tried to offer all three, which probably accounts for their success in the vote.

With only a small percentage of Facebook's 200 million users weighing in, the company will try to amend the rules to make the vote official, so the new terms should be in place soon.

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