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Crudebox becomes Prudebox to make it into the App Store

After I posted about the Baby Shaker iPhone app controversy, we got an email from the developers of a fart-soundboard app called Crudebox, telling their story of rejection from the App Store. Fart apps were the early targets of public outcry when Apple first started vetting software for its app store. They're obscene! Why do some get in, while others are rejected?

When Apple rejected Crudebox twice because it was too offensive, the developers decided to take a different approach. They reskinned the app as "Prudebox," leaving all the original sound effects -- farts, yawns, burps, vomiting -- in place, but replacing slime with flowers and bunnies. They also made some changes to the names of their sound effects: "Wet Fart" became "Big Toot."

Surprise! Prudebox, an app with the exact functionality of Crudebox, was accepted to Apple's app store. This might not be the most egregious example of arbitrary rejection we've ever seen from Apple, and it's not really a life-changing application, but one could make a slippery slope argument. Is a Big Toot really that much more acceptable than a Wet Fart?

If you're interested in having Prudebox for yourself, Alkali Media has a promo code that will get one randomly selected commenter a free copy. Sound off!

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