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Polaris makes Google Analytics data pretty, brings it to the desktop

Polaris is a desktop viewer for Google Analytics data. It's built on Adobe AIR, which means it can run on Windows, Mac, and Linux systems. And while it doesn't show you any data that you couldn't find by logging into your Google Analytics account, Polaris does make your data easier to read at a glance.

The program features attractive graphs, charts, and animations. You can use it to check your visitor numbers, trafic sources, referring sites, top content, top keywords, and other information. Polaris is free if you want to view one Google Analytics profile at a time. But you can also pay $15 per year for access to the multi-profile edition.

Polaris started out its life as the Google Analytics Reporting Suite, which we profiled in 2007. To be perfectly honest, the original reporting suite had a lot of features that Polaris is missing. But the that application was a free beta. The developer expects to launch several new products built on the platform this year that will offer advanced features for analyzing your web traffic information.

[via Refreshing Apps]

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