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Launch Windows programs remotely with Application Access Server

It's no secret that I'm a big TeamViewer fan. However, there are some chores that just don't require launching a full-featured remote control program - like restarting our point-of-sale system's Btrieve engine.

Application Access Server provides a lightweight alternative. Once you've got it installed and configured, you can issue commands to a remote machine by connecting to it using any web browser. AAS has built-in support for for automatic IP updating and DDNS access, so all you've got to do is choose a port for the server and forward access from your router (if necessary).

Adding launchable applications is done via the configuration menu, and it's a simple procedure. You can also configure multiple users and select which accounts have access to specific applications. Apps can be launched in three modes - normal, silent, and stealth - depending on how discreet you need to be. AAS is fairly light weight, using about 8Mb of memory when running.

It's a handy application to add to your Windows remote administration toolkit.

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