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Futuremark gets into browser benchmarking with Peacekeeper

Futuremark's 3dMark has long been a favorite way of mine to perform near-crippling tests on freshly-built systems. One of their more recent projects is aimed at a slightly less intimidating foe than 3d gaming: web browser javascript benchmarking.

Called Peacekeeper, the new app makes a lot of sense for Futuremark. As one of the key brands in computer benchmarking, it's only logical that they would want in on comparative browser testing. In Internet Explorer, you'll be asked to install an ActiveX control - other browsers will run the test without any add-ins. Tests were patterned after real-world browsing using sites like YouTube, Facebook, GMail, and Meebo.

To see how your default browser scores, just point it to Once the test completes, your score will be displayed. To test another browser, just click the button and you'll be given a link to copy and paste.

As with other Futuremark apps, you can also see how your results stack up to other system configurations - including the one currently owning the high score. The Intel Q9650-powered rig posted numbers about four times higher than those of my trusty notebook.

I sure wish Intel would make with the mobile quad cores already.

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