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How to save your Google Pages data before it shuts down in June

Google Pages migration
Google will be killing off its web site creation and hosting service, Google Pages, in a few months. Users who have Google Pages accounts will automatically have their data migrated to Google Sites unless they opt out. But while Google Sites lets you put together quick and easy web pages, it's more of a service for creating and sharing Wikis than a full fledged web page creation service.

Here are a few things that Google Pages could do that Google Sites cannot:
  • Support CSS
  • Support JavaScript
  • Web hosting
In other words, if you uploaded any images or other files to Google Pages, they'll automatically be deleted in June. And if you included any JavaScript on your page (which could include anything from advertisements to multimedia widgets), they won't work anymore when your account is migrated to Google Pages.

Fortunately Google is making it easy to download all the files you've uploaded to your account as a single ZIP file. When you login to Google Pages you should see a message at the top of your screen letting you know about the upcoming migration. When you click "learn more" you should see a screen like the one above which lets you download all the files you've uploaded to Google Pages.

You should also get HTML files for any web pages you've created. This should be everything you need to re-create your web sites on a new hosting service, although this will require finding a new web host, uploading your files, and possibly adjusting a number of links in your HTML code.

[via Google Operating System]

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