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Dogpile on Microsoft! Adobe, IBM, Oracle join EU anti-trust case

Are you kidding me? Did a whole group of major companies just jump in to the Microsoft-EU brawl?

Yep. Adobe, Oracle, Sun, Corel, and RealNetworks - who are members of the European Committee for Interoperable Systems - have joined up with Mozilla, Opera, Google, and the Free Software Foundation Europe in the fight to prove that consumers are too stupid to make their own choices.

Thomas Vinje, spokesman for the ECIS, said "This is an important case to ensure that browsers can compete on the merits and that consumers have a true choice in the software they use to access the World Wide Web." That's odd. I'm pretty sure that I just finished installing Windows on my wife's laptop and used IE to download the Firefox installer so I could exercise my "true choice."

And what about other software, Thomas? Wordpad in Windows 7 is pretty sweet. Is Corel going to cry foul over that one, too? Windows 7 can even burn ISO images, so perhaps Ahead Software should sue?

And what about other companies, Thomas? No one is lining up to harangue Apple about Safari on OSX. No one wants to take on Dell or Acer for bundling McAfee's antivirus software on all the PCs they ship. Heck, maybe Google should have to suggest Opera, Firefox, Maxthon, and Safari in addition to Chrome!

Pointing fingers at big, bad Microsoft is much easier to justify - and a lot more profitable. Though I'm sure everyone involved is really much more concerned about consumers being able to make informed choices than lining their pocketbooks. Mmm hmm.

(and yes, that is a scrum - not an actual dogpile.)

[via PC World]

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