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Apple's double standards keep "too sexy" app out of iTunes store

It's fine for Apple to have policies about what kind of apps they will and won't approve for sale on iTunes. It's their platform, after all, so they've got every right to decide what gets put on the store's virtual shelves.

But I need some help with this one.

You've seen those pens with the sex kitten in the barrel? Tip the pen and giggle like a schoolboy as her clothes go floating away. They're harmless, and hardly what most people would classify "excessively sexual content."

So if you were to, say, turn that concept into an iPhone app it would be equally harmless, right? Apparently not.

Peekababe, we're told, was rejected on precisely those grounds. Check it out for yourself on YouTube. Now convince me that the images presented are in any way more lewd than, say, the lyrics of 2 Live Crew. Seriously.

If I can buy Me So Horny or any of their other tracks with less publishable titles in the iTunes store, how can Apple justify banning an app for images that you can find in any Sears catalog or plastered in the front window of a Victoria's Secret?

It's time for some consistency, Apple. If you allow audio tracks laden with lyrics that compete with scenes from a Vivid Video release in the iTunes store, it doesn't make sense to block an app that amounts to a slightly rude bachelor party favor.

Thanks for the tip, Tom!

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