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Twitter's "Follow Friday" gets its own website

"Follow Friday" has become one of the most popular social conventions on Twitter. Users post the usernames of some people they want to recommend for their friends to follow, along with the #followfriday hashtag. It's a good way to find some new people to follow who might be relevant to your interests or part of your wider social circle. Now, some Twitter users have collected data from #followfriday tweets on a website called, that shows rankings of the most endorsed users each week, and lets you log in to send your own #followfriday picks. bills itself as the official #followfriday site. I don't know the backstory behind its "official" status, but I can tell you that it's a pretty neat idea. It's easy to miss Follow Friday tweets, especially when you follow a lot of people, and this site lets you see who's gotten the most endorsements, and who the biggest #followfriday namedroppers are. Follow Friday isn't something I really get into myself, and I miss the days when it was less formal -- I think the tradeoff for a site that quantifies this stuff is that it can turn into a competition -- but it's often a better way to find people on Twitter than just looking at toplists and rankings that are crowded with popular users you either already know or don't really care about.

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