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Adobe offers free Flex 3 license to unemployed developers

Say what you will about Adobe's licensing fees and whatnot, but at least they're willing to do something to provide a little assistance to developers that have been hit hard by the current economic situation. If you can provide proof that you are currently unemployed, Adobe will provide you a personal use license for Flex Builder at no charge.

Flex Builder Pro 3 is normally $699 to purchase, so this is a pretty generous offer. Yes, Adobe have their own ulterior motives - if you become skilled with Flex, you may land a job somewhere and your employer will need to spring for a license. Who knows, it could lead to some killer new Flex app being developed, and then Adobe wins again because the platform gets a boost.

Whatever the motivation, it's still a nice gesture and could definitely provide jobless developers with a new skill that may just help them find employment again.

[via OS News]

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