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Stimator - "real" website value estimator


$timator is a site that purports to estimate the true monetary value of your website. Simply enter a URL, and $timator goes to work, analyzing things like search engine placings, back-links, and site structure to come up with an ultimate dollar value.

$timator examplesWhen I tried it for my 5 year-old personal blog, it came up with a relatively modest $1979, which to be honest feels a little generous (but I'll take it). However, Download Squad is apparently worth well over $31 million, which seems more than slightly absurd, particularly considering that based on this screenshot is valued at just over $18 million.

These "your website is worth x amount of money" have to be taken for what they're worth: a fun tool to play with and dream about how you could buy a few extra cases of beer if you were to sell your site. If Download Squad were for sale, can you imagine the party we could throw if we sold it based on $timator's valuation? You're all invited.

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