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Linux Foundation picks "We're Linux" video finalists

Microsoft and Apple have been spending millions of dollars on sleek advertising campaigns. Linux, on the other hand is an operating system maintained by a worldwide network of volunteers. Nobody's really promoting it as a desktop operating system other than enthusiasts spreading news by word of mouth.

So the Linux Foundation decided to put together a video contest asking some of those enthusiasts to develop their own ads. The odds of any of these commercials showing up on prime time TV aren't great. But this week the Linux Foundation picked five finalists from more than 90 entries. Tomorrow the winner will be announced, but all five of the finalists are worth a look if you're interested in open source software development.

The video at the top of this post wins my vote for the funniest of the bunch. But I'm not sure it's the best at conveying what makes Linux special. You can find the other four entries after the break.

[via OStatic]

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