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AutoBrake simplifies DVD ripping on your HTPC

Handbrake is easily one of the best DVD ripping applications available for any platform. It's great when you've got a keyboard and mouse handy to click all the necessary buttons, but what about your home theatre PC? Wouldn't it be nice to just drop in a disc and watch it automatically ripped to the hard drive?

AutoBrake does exactly that. Set your options, drop in a disc, and AutoBrake takes care of the rest - just wait for your DVD to eject. Discs can be ripped as AVI, MP4, or MKV files at six preset quality levels. Two-pass encoding is supported with h.264.

The usual DVD ripping caveats apply - you'll need a separate program to handle the decryption duties when archiving a fair-use copy of protected discs you own.

AutoBrake is a free download for Windows only, and requires you have Handbrake installed (of course).

Just to let you know, the DLS crew had troubles getting this to work on several Windows versions including Vista x64 and Windows 7 32 and 64-bit. If you can get it working, though, it's..Just...Plain...Awesome.

[via eHomeUpgrade]

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