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FriendFeed beta adds real-time updates

FriendFeed beta
Social networking, life-streaming, and micro-blogging service FriendFeed has rolled out a new beta interface, which you can access by navigating to The service still lets you link your Twitter, Facebook, LInkedIn, and other social networking accounts so that you can share all of your social media updates with your FriendFeed contacts who can then comment on them.

But the new user interface is both prettier and more functional than the old school UI (If you can call anything about a service that launched just over a year ago old school).

First of all, FriendFeed beta features real-time updates from your contacts. No need to hit the refresh button. There's also a new "My discussions" link that takes you to a page with every entry you've participated in, whether it's a conversation you started or a comment you've left on another person's entry. You can also create custom filters by using the advanced search tools and saving your searches. FriendFeed has also added the ability to send direct messages to other users.

The new design also makes more liberal use of user avatars, so you get a better sense of who's leaving messages instead of just indications letting you know which service they used to post the message.

[via Thomas Hawk]

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