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Transcriptions: free, lightweight Mac transcription app

If you're a journalist, a social scientist or even just a blogger, you've probably been through the process of transcribing a recorded interview. I do a lot of transcription, but I had always done it the hard way: with a text editor open in one window, and my audio in the other. I should have just downloaded Transcriptions, which handles the whole transcription process in one app, with a lot of cool extras.

It supports both audio and video, with adjustable playback rate and automatic or manual time stamping. I don't have a foot pedal, so I haven't been able to test this, but it apparently supports those, too. I know there are other, more elaborate transcription apps out there, but this one is free, easy to use, takes up under 1MB of disk space. It makes my work a lot of less of a pain than it was when I was using Quicktime and TextEdit to do the job of this one neat little app.

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