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Stream and record 12,000 stations with Radio Sure

Services like might have a little advantage over regular streaming internet radio when it comes to cool factor, but it never hurts to have one more way to listen to and discover new music.

Radio Sure
is a free application for Windows that allows you to turn in to (and record) more than 12,000 streams. It's very similar to Screamer, though I had more success getting stations to play on Radio Sure. Each station is tagged with its country of origin, primary language, and genre for convenient sorting. I'd like to see the genres handled a bit differently - for example, Punk instead of Rock - Punk and to be able to filter the listings. The interface is a little much for me, but it's not quite Fugly Friday material.

Those minor shortcomings aside, Radio Sure keeps things simple and just plain works. You can record any stream to MP3 in bitrates up to 256k and maintain a list of your favorites for fast tuning. Tracks can be auto-split, and the program will even skip recording tracks you've previously saved.

It's available both with an installer and as a portable version, and runs on Windows PCs.

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